CPST is a five day intensive training program designed for skill enhancement of current Personal Protection Officers assigned to VIP Protection Details in foreign countries.

The course has been especially designed to meet the challenges of today’s radical terrorist assaults by giving the officers advanced training in conflict avoidance and expert use of effective fire and tactical response.

CPST is instructed by a multinational staff of internationally experienced experts with first hand knowledge and skills in all aspects of High Threat Personal Protection Training.

The program focuses mainly on practical field application in the use of various firearms, driving techniques, motorcade operations, moving formations and counter-attack techniques as well as firearms deployment from moving vehicles.. Each section of the course includes classroom briefing followed by field exercises and subsequent performance analysis.

CPST is an intense five days of instruction and training from 8 AM to 6 PM,  including one night session in the use of firearms under dim light or no light conditions.

Due to the extremely high level of instruction and individualized training of our CPST course, the number of participating trainees may not exceed 25.  All officers will receive a certificate attesting to their completion of this demanding advanced training.