Pete Connors


As a former US Special Forces member in the Green Berets with 19 years of involvement in high and low conflict military operations in Lebanon, Panama, Monrovia, Iraq and Bosnia among others, Pete Conners is an accomplished personal protection and security professional with 30 years of experience, 15 of which in a supervisory capacity; he has participated in security matters and related training worldwide and has received advanced training from the US Department of Defense, Justice and State, covering a variety of security topics, improvised explosives/ordinance and communication equipment.

As the Assistant and the Regional Security Officer (RSO) at the US Embassies in Zaire, Philippines and Cambodia he was responsible for emergency evacuation planning as well as the supervision and training of personal protection details. During this time Mr. Conners planned and conducted personal protection missions for the Assistant Secretary of State, Members of Congress and US Ambassadors.

In Cambodia he worked with the US Department of State and the United Nations Transitional Authorities of Cambodia (UNTAC), responsible for guard force operations, secure communication links and the training and implementation of personal security details.

As a member of the International Conference on the former Yugoslavia (ICFY), Mr. Conners established mobile patrol observation elements to monitor activity along the border between Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. He further participated in a train and equipment mission sponsored by the US Department of State within Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Mr. Conners participated in providing brigade level training to the Federation of Bosnia Army, responsible for physical security matters, security-screening procedures and inquiries involving local support personnel.

Mr. Conners served as a member of the US Department of State, Presidential Security Advisory Unit (PSAU), providing personal protection to Haitian President Preval as well as training the Haitian Presidential Security Unit. Mr. Conners developed all course instruction in his role as Primary Instructor to the Haitian Counter Ambush Team (CAT).

While working under contract for the US Department of State, Mr. Conners served as Shift Leader and Detail Leader on the personal protection unit for US Ambassador Jaques P. Klein and US Ambassador Ralph Johnson, United Nations Office of the High Representative, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Most recently Mr. Conner’s assignments include deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia and Indonesia.  Mr. Conners possesses a valid SECRET security clearance.
He is fluent in Spanish.