Dave F. Chatellier


Mr. Chatellier is a decorated Vietnam Veteran with over forty years of progressively responsible “hands on” security experience. After spending over twenty years active duty in the United States Military, Mr. Chatellier retired at the grade of Chief Warrant Officer. Formally trained as Case Officer/Agent Handler of foreign assets while in the military, Mr. Chatellier’s years of covert operation experience provide him with a broad base of security knowledge. He has abundant operational experience, obtained in real world applications, in the areas of Trade Craft, Firearms, Executive Protection and Counter Terrorism.
Certified as a Master Instructor of Electronic and Physical Security Systems at the engineering level, Mr. Chatellier has trained hundreds of Graduate Engineers in the field of Electronic Security.

Mr. Chatellier has served as:
WACKENHUT SERVICES INCORPORATED (WSI): Deputy Program Manager and Director of Operations Mr. Chatellier supervised 700 plus Armed Security Agents providing security for the American Red Cross and Salvation Army Disaster Relief Centers in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Florida during the Hurricane Katrina/Rita recovery efforts.

AMERICAN RESEARCH SERVICES (ARS): Senior Consultant Mr. Chatellier provided Investigation and Computer Research of personal backgrounds. He also provided specialized training in Personal Protection and Counter Terrorism tactics and techniques.

GLOBAL OPTIONS LLC.: Director of Security and Training Mr. Chatellier provided international Firearms and Defensive Driver training in Mexico and South America.

A PLACE TO SHOOT: Senior Vice President and Senior Instructor Mr. Chatellier utilizes his company’s 50 acre, multiple ranges shooting complex to train Law Enforcement Special Weapons and Tactics teams (SWAT), Corporate Executive Security units and International Executive Protection teams. Mr. Chatellier’s weapons training began in 1961 while in the United States Military and continued throughout his career. He instructs members of Federal, State and local law enforcement in all levels of Small Arms Weapons Craft, basic level through advanced.

Mr. Chatellier has extensive Personal Protection experience in the United States and abroad. He has recently worked in Haiti, Chechnya, Bosnia, West Africa, South Africa, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Colombia and Croatia.
Mr. Chatellier has also participated in the successful negotiation and rescue of several hostages from hostile foreign countries. He is a past president of The American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) Chapter 159.