Cornelius J. Oosthuizen


Mr. Oosthuizen has 19 years of professional military and private security experience in both pubic and private sectors. He has been in private practice since 1990.
He was part of a small, elite group of the South African Special Forces which operated mainly across the South African borders; his group was tasked with pursuing the enemy in their host country and denying them the opportunity to spread chaos by means of car bombs, land mines, mass actions and civil unrest.
Mr. Oosthuizen has vast knowledge and experience of the African bush and its people.

After leaving the Special Forces he served as a security advisor in war torn Angola.
In 1998 Mr. Oosthuizen worked for Lazarre Kaplan international (LKI), one of the largest private diamond companies in the world. His work duties included the following: Advising his clients on personal daily security issues, Cash and Transit operations, site surveys in the Lunda north province, increasing security at different buying houses, back ground investigating and training of new guards and site surveys at new buying houses.

At the end of 1998 Mr. Oosthuizen left Angola and started work in Liberia, West Africa, until May 2002. He served as a personal advisor and trainer to the former President Charles Taylor. His main task was to select and train the Presidential Close Protection Detail and later the rest of the guards.
All the staff at Roberts International Airport was also trained in the aspects of protocol, security and safety.
Since then Mr. Oosthuizen has been working in Iraq:
Taking care of Senior Advisor of Health, Mr. Jim Haveman, taking him to clinics and hospitals around Iraq. Then followed a tour as AIC for the Press detail for Ambassador Bremer. Since September 2004 Mr. Oosthuizen has been working as an Instructor for the government Close Protection Details in Iraq and for the last 10 months he has been serving as special advisor to President Talabani’s security detail.