Chris Dover


Mr. Dover has provided security to clients worldwide in such locations as Latin America, Asia, Africa, Middle East and the South Pacific operating in many environments including Corporate Facilities and Network Security, Executive Protection to high profile and corporate clients, Head of State/Presidential Security and High Threat security in war zones.

His security experience began when he joined the United States Marine Corps, as a member of Security Forces and the Maritime Special Purpose Force Direct Action Platoon capturing high threat targets, securing sensitive equipment and locations, hostage recovery and conducting surveillance.
Upon his honorable discharge from the Marine Corps Mr. Dover was responsible for close protection of corporate officers during the day to day events in local and international locations; his responsibilities also included the security of all facilities and its personnel. In addition he designed, deployed, administered, managed and monitored the corporate network, as well as the production network which provided high-traffic internet media content.
Mr. Dover has provided personal security for a number of high profile clients and celebrities internationally, on film sets, movie premiers, vacations and business travel. He has protected such people as Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise and the Honorable Boniface Alexander, the President of Haiti, during his term as president.

In Iraq he provided security for the multi-national Force-Iraq, building, deploying and managing the facilities and guard force as well as providing protection for multiple staff members.
Mr. Dover also protected Department of State personnel and routinely conducted motorcade movements in high threat environments protecting government employees and cargo transported between secure locations. Mr. Dover also led a Latin American guard force of Spanish-only speakers as the base security force during numerous infiltration attempts and attacks.