Chas Charlton is a security specialist with 24 years experienced; 18 of which were spent with 22 Special Air Service Regiment (SAS). One of his many appointments with the SAS was to be chief instructor of the Protective Security Cell (PSC). As a result, he became an acknowledged expert in this field; constructing unit procedures for dealing with a wide variety of incidents, including all forms of terrorist attack. He was also responsible for researching, preparing and delivering training activities on all aspects of VIP protection.

He conducted training for, and deployed with, the Royalty & Diplomatic Protection Group of the Metropolitan Police. He also provided specialist courses of training for SO19, the Metropolitan Police’s specialist firearms team, and selected units from within the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

He initiated and developed close protection team programmes, in Colombia, Peru, Thailand, Kuwait, Hong Kong and Singapore and has carried out numerous liaison visits to USA including US Secret Service, FBI/HRT and Federal Air Marshal (FAM).

Since retiring from the SAS in 2000, Chas has brought his expertise into the commercial and corporate security world; initially conducting asset protection tasks in West Africa, during periods of civil unrest, for petrochemical companies Exxon Mobile and BP. He has also provided close protection for senior CNN journalists deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Palestine; interspersed with ongoing tasks to provide protection escorts for TRH Prince Ernst August of Hanover and Princess Caroline of Monaco and a number of Hollywood celebrities.  

His most recent task, spanning two years, has been as a consultant for BP Georgia, during which time he advised and trained the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affair’s strategic Pipeline Protection Department in all aspects of anti- terrorism operations.